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mixnmatch_itest's Journal

Mix 'n Match Itest
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a weekly provided resources icontest for anime, manga and video games

Welcome to mixnmatch_itest, a weekly provided resources icontest for all anime, manga and video games where we supply the materials and you bring the creativity.

Each week you will be provided with four different types of resources to work with (e.g. artwork, stock photo, texture & song lyrics). Mixing and matching at least two of them, while also adding your own unique elements and personal touches, you will then create your icon(s).

Challenge yourself to try new things, the possibilities are endless! You are welcome to suggest specific resources at this post to possibly be used in future weeks.

Note that you must join the community in order to participate, this is mainly to discourage clone account cheating, but you will not be granted posting access as everything is done through comments.


The basic rule is not to cheat in any way and be nice to the other members. Remember that this is all for fun, so please don't ruin it for everyone else.

While the moderator will do their best to inform you of any possible missing requirements etc. it is at their discretion to disqualify your icons and/or votes if any rules are broken.


This icontest runs according to the following timeline, though there may be cases where adjustments must be made, extensions given or delays may occur:

Submissions: Friday/Saturday - 10:00 PM EST Friday
Voting: Friday/Saturday - 10:00 PM EST Sunday
Results: Sunday/Monday (24 hrs after voting closes)

Mid-week (even final) reminders will be given to let members know where we stand and if added participation is needed.


You may submit up to two different icons each week.

You must use at least two of the provided resources in your icon. Both icons can use the same combination of resources.

If using the provided text, you must feature at least three consecutive words; do check you have them right first. For the other visual resources, they can be used in full/original form or otherwise cut up/manipulated, so long as they remain visible enough. Any additional visual/text elements are always welcome.

All icons must feature anime, manga or video game imagery. This includes original one-offs, like random drawings or experimental designs, that were published only as part of the creator's artbook. Specific visual/textual reference to such a title/series instead, will also be allowed, provided an explanation is given.

You must use official animanga/game artwork only: fanart, vectors, doushinji, cosplay etc. are not allowed. However, illustrations drawn by professional manga artist/game designer for a title/series they otherwise did not work on will still be considered acceptable.

You may only submit your own work, do not enter an icon you did not make or copy a tutorial step by step. Do not use other people's graphics or colourings as your base, unless they've been designated for such use or you have the creator's permission.

Your icon(s) must meet LJ requirements: 40 KB & 100x100 or less, gif/jpg/png format.

Please keep all content PG-13(ish). Meaning that graphic violence, artistic/suggestive nudity (with hidden private parts) and mild profanity is ok, but avoid sexually explicit imagery (with exposed private parts) and overly coarse language. When in doubt, ask first.

You must upload the file to an outside host that allows direct linking, such as Photobucket, Tinypic or ImageShack... but not Livejournal to keep entries anonymous.

Given the nature of this icontest, please try to credit any additional resources used. This information will be appended to a list in the voting post.

To submit leave a screened comment at the submission post with your icon, url, character, series and which two provided resources you used along with any additonal credits/info:

Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Provided ________ & ________

[additional resource credits or information]


We need at least five entries to hold standard voting, at which point you will be asked to select your top three favourite icons (1st, 2nd, 3rd) that you feel are best overall in order of preference, as that is how points will be awarded.

If there are ten or more entries, you will also be asked to select an additional icon for our special category Best Use of Resources: the icon you feel has the most effective/creative incorporation of the provided/any additional resources, this includes both visual (think: composition) and text (think: adaptation).

You may vote for an icon that you already chose as one of your three favourites for this category, but only if you truly feels it deserves it above all others, don't simply select your favourite icon by default. Otherwise, no double placement votes are allowed.

Your vote should look something like this:

42, 90, 78


First: 42
Second: 90
Third: 78
SC: 53

Everyone is encouraged to participate in this area even if they didn't submit, because the more ballots ensures accurate results.

We need at least ten votes to fairly determine the winner(s). A call for votes post will be made, and if necessary a voting extension given, if this is not the case by the stated deadline.

You are not allowed to vote for your own icon(s), nor should you feel pressured to vote for your friend and/or favourite character, series etc.

Please do not create multiple fake/clone accounts to cheat. I will be checking IP Addresses against the winners and taking necessary action, including disqualification or even banning.


If standard voting occurs, there will be a First, Second and Third Place winner based on popular vote. With eight or more, an additional icon will also be selected by myself as Moderator's Choice. With 10 or more there will also be a Special Category: Best Use of Resources, given the focus of this community.

Two-way ties will stand, but anything greater will result in a tiebreaker round that will last for approximately twelve hours. The winner(s) of the tiebreaker round will earn their respective placements. The remaining icon(s) will receive honourable mentions in recognition of their efforts, but not a banner.

Along with the winners I will be listing the runner-ups icons anonymously in order of ranking. This isn't meant to make anyone feel bad, its to let you know how you did and encourage everyone to keep trying. I think it's important to get such feedback. If this really makes you uncomfortable though, please mention so in your submission comment and I'll simply leave your entry number(s) unlisted.

All winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd & MC) are eligible to receive banners, which may be requested through custom_banners or cb_overflow unless otherwise indicated.

Note that since this is an icontest and not an icon community, please keep in mind that the graphics featured here are not necessarily up for grabs. Always ask first before taking, don't just take icons from the results (or worst voting) posts.


If you are interesting in affiliating your community with us, please add our link and then leave a comment here. It must be icon or animanga/game related, no personal journals please.


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